What is Exposure?

Think about jumping in a pool. You know you want to go swimming, but when you first get in the water it doesn’t feel great - it’s cold! After a while though, you find yourself hanging out in the pool no problem. In fact, you’re probably feeling pretty warm at that point and the air actually feels colder outside the water.

So, what happened?


Most of us probably wouldn’t think to call it that, but that’s what it is. Exposure is all about getting used to uncomfortable things at your own pace so you can pursue a life you love without letting fear and anxiety get in the way. We all face challenges and difficulties, the key is in how we handle them.

That’s where I come in.

My job is to be on your team. To help you clarify your values, identify your goals, and take action toward a life you love. While many techniques are about avoiding triggers and turning your mind away from what’s bothering you, I teach you to face those things head on in a safe, controlled, supported way. Ultimately, you’ll learn that you can do anything you set your mind to.

Really, the problem I help you solve is the inability to problem solve.

Facing life with a mix of magic and exposure is how you make it all worth it.
— Kyri Allison


Social Anxiety

Trouble making phone calls, terrified of public speaking and presenting, sweating about being judged all the time?

Exposure can help with that.


Does trouble with perfectionism and making things feel “just right” keep your from enjoying the things you love?

Exposure can help with that.


Have a food you love that you just can’t eat anymore because it once made you sick? It’s time to take that back.

Exposure can help with that.


Constantly worried about whether your loved ones are safe? Overwhelmed by how scary the world can be? Anxiety in the car? In fear is no way to live.

Exposure can help with that.