Hey There!

My name is Kyri (rhymes with “Siri”) and I’m so glad you’re interested in working with me! My background is a fairly unique and I consistently wear a lot of different hats, so let me just give you a quick rundown. 

My educational background is in Counseling Psychology with a concentration in Mental Health, and since my graduation with my bachelors in 2015 I’ve also taken graduate courses in nonprofit management, holistic wellness, and clinical mental health counseling.

After working in direct care doing exposure therapy with kids with OCD for a local pediatric psychiatric hospital for about three years, I’ve recently parted ways with my clinical path for a few reasons. Largely, it’s because clinical work doesn’t allow me the freedom to be the type of advocate I believe ya’ll need.

Instead, I do a few different things including running expressive arts workshops for a local nonprofit organization focused on ending the stigma around mental health, coaching a local youth cheerleading team, and nannying/babysitting for families in the area. I also write articles here and there, garden, and occasionally teach about inclusive, pleasure-focused sex and gender education.

Also relevant is that I live with borderline personality disorder and the depression and anxiety that comes with it at times, so mental health isn’t just part of my profession - it’s ingrained in who I am as a person.

Really, my passion is working with people, learning, and helping to spread ideas and resources that help people change their lives and live their joy.

Sound like an energy you vibe with?